Due to recent expansion and development of Garment sector in Bangladesh, the uses of pre-fabricated steel buildings are beco ming popular. Structures having relatively larger clear span in respect of concrete structures can be assembled within shortest possible time by using pre-fabricated panels. These structures can be shifted from one place to another in needed very easily. Besides these it has also resale value about 80% of the initial cost. In future the concept of pre-fabricated steel structure in Bangladesh will play a vital roll in the construction field. It is a technologically advanced construction system.Designers are well conversant to design very complicated, aesthetically beautiful, factory/warehouse/multistoried buildings using pre-fabricated system in our country. Pre-fabricated steel buildings are light and more earth quake resistant than conventional reinforced concrete structures. It is expected that a number of more companies I entrepreneur like Multi Steel Zone (MSZ) will come in this business and will build the pre-fabricated buildings available for the general users. All and above, quality of the materials, design safety & welding specification should be strictly maintained. I wish the management of MSZ a success as a pioneer in this sector.